Champion Golden Retrievers are English Creme Golden Retrieverour passion. Lovers of this trusted breed already know this exceptional creature’s reputation for a gentle temperament, and through the modern science of selective breeding, the sheer beauty and grace of this fine animal have been developed into the high-end English creme golden retriever that you see available here. Each one of our unique dogs are free to enjoy life inside our home, never in a kennel, helping to ensure that these Goldens are well-socialized members of any adoptive family. Only the finest retrievers available are selected for breeding. Mother and Father are fully certified by the OFA (The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for the health of their hips, elbows, eyes, and heart. We stand behind our puppies, and are so sure you will receive a puppy that is completely healthy that we offer an unprecedented THREE YEAR health guarantee. Certified champion bloodlines are what we select for our stud dogs, and both of your puppy’s parents will be blue-ribbon quality. You will have a very difficult time finding higher caliber English Creme Golden Retriever anywhere! Feel free to browse the remainder of our site for photos and additional information. We’re glad you stopped by!

The English Creme Golden Retriever Is A Fantastic Breed.  Read Below For More About Our Dogs

Facts About Golden RetrieversMeet the Girls »

Peaches and Chloe are specifically bred to meet each specification of their English creme golden retriever breed set by the AKC.   

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Looking for new English creme golden retriever puppies in Michigan?  Browse through our listings of the latest litters to find that perfect pup.

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We have been breeding champion Golden Retrievers for over 8 years, and are committed to the highest level of responsible breeding standards to ensure the health and well-being of each animal bred here.

golden retriever breederOur Health Guarantee »

We take several precautions to ensure that you receive a happy and healthy puppy.  We’re so confident that we guarantee each puppy to be free of genetic diseases of the heart, hips, elbows, and eyes for the first 36 months.

A little history…

There are actually many facts about golden retrievers that are little known by most people. First off what is a English Creme Golden Retriever?  Check out education section which dispells many common misunderstanding. Golden Retrievers originated in Europe, and came into existence as the result of the search for a top quality hunting dog in the mid-1800’s. Thanks almost solely to the efforts Sir Dudley Marjoribanks (also known as Lord Tweedmouth) of Scotland, we now enjoy the softhearted and well-built canine loved by so many today. Initially bred to retrieve downed waterfowl and other types of game, the very first recorded breeding selection was between a Tweed Water Spaniel female named “Belle” and an unregistered male yellow retriever by the name of “Nous.” Through careful selection and breeding from the stock of various dogs such as the Tweed Water Spaniel (sadly, now an extinct breed), Bloodhounds, Springer Spaniels, Irish Setters and several other breeds, Sir Marjoribanks was able to develop this trainable, powerful, and gentle sporting dog. These splendid animals have been in the continental United States since the latter part of the 19th century. The earliest historical reference to the breed in 1894 was a female dubbed “Lady,” belonging to the Honorable Archie Marjoribanks. The American Kennel Club finally recognized this new and highly desirable breed in 1930. Besides being one of the most enduring choices for family dog breeds, they are lauded for their working abilities as seeing-eye dogs, handicap/mobility assistance dogs, as well as search and rescue dogs. We strive to continue this tradition of excellence in our English creme golden retriever.

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