English Creme Golden Retriever

We are thrilled to bring “Peaches” and “Chloe” to your attention! 

American Golden Retriever - Peaches“Peaches” is our American Golden Retriever, perfectly bred to meet all AKC national specifications for this breed. The golden coat of this cuddly sweetheart is the hallmark of her breed, and she’s an energetic, content playmate who adores people, dogs and cats alike. She particularly enjoys showing off her fetching and even catching ability

European Golden Retriever - ChloeWe’re also proud to introduce you to “Chloe”! This dapper doll is our European Golden Retriever. The differences from the American Golden Retriever variety are her light whitish creme-colored coat like the English Cream Retriever and her darker, more rounded eyes – eyes that are very hard to resist! Energetic and kind, Chloe is another treasured part of our family, bred to meet every specification for this breed as detailed by the AKC national.